Tips for Grilling Safely This Memorial Day

INSIDE EDITION spoke to Chef Billy Oliva of Delmonico's Steak House to learn how to safely cook a delicious Memorial Day feast.

INSIDE EDITION took a trip to the famed Delmonico's Steak House in New York City to learn how to cook a mouth-watering Memorial Day feast and do it safely.

Watch Chef Billy Olivia Cook Up Some Mouth-Watering Burgers

First up on the menu: hamburgers!

"The first thing is you want to get quality chop meat," said Chef Billy Oliva.

Oliva recommends a chop meat blend of 80% beef and 20% fat. Remember to season well with sea or kosher salt and white pepper.

Another tip: place the burger on a hot grill, not over an open flame.

The internal temperature of a burger is very important. To be absolutely certain it's safe enough to eat, use a cooking thermometer.

Chef Oliva says you should give burgers a chance to cook.

"Don't poke it," says Oliva. "That just pushes all the juice out of it. Then you are going to end up with a hockey puck."

The bigger the burger the more time it needs on the grill.

The government recommends an internal temperature of 160 degrees or higher.

And Chef Oliva has a tip for cooking hot dogs too: once they split, they’re ready.

Compliment the BBQ with grilled corn and chicken kabobs, and make sure that potato salad and cold slaw are kept cold.

Now you have a Memorial Day feast that is yummy and safe to eat!