Ted Williams' Daughter Looks Back At His Legacy In New Book

INSIDE EDITION spoke to Claudia Williams, the daughter of baseball icon Ted Williams, about her new book which chronicles her father's character and legacy.

Claudia Williams’ new book, Ted Williams, My Father, sheds light on the man considered to be the greatest hitter who ever lived. According to Claudia, he was all heart.

She told INSIDE EDITION, "He was a very complex man who demanded perfection. He wanted to be the best at anything he did. My dad was probably one of the most caring, compassionate people I ever met. He went out of his way to stand up and defend those he thought were not being treated equally."

Watch What Else Williams Told INSIDE EDITION About Her Father

But when Claudia and her brother, John Henry, decided to have their dad's body cryogenically frozen when he died in 2002, Ted Williams gained a whole other kind of fame.

She said, "Let me tell you this, it was a decision completely made of love."

Claudia said her dying father approved of the cryonics plan, saying, "When we first told him about it, he thought there might be something wrong with my brother and I, he thought we were a little crazy. Then, he saw how sincere we were. He looked us both of his kids in the eyes and said, "If that's what you kids want, let's do it."

Does Claudia believe her father might actually be brought back to life one day?

She said, "I don't know. But even the slightest hope is enough."

Family photos show the love Ted had for his family. He truly was bigger than life.

She said, "He was a huge man, 6’4” with a loud voice, a John Wayne type of demeanor."

But Claudia Williams harbors hope that some day, they'll be together again, saying, “I'm not going to say it'll happen. I like the idea that it might happen. And what if it did? Wouldn't that be incredible?"

To read an excerpt from the book, click on the "Download PDF" icon.