Michelle Knight Breaks Down on National TV

Cleveland kidnapping victim Michelle Knight was so overcome with emotion during a recent interview that she broke down in tears. INSIDE EDITION has the story.

"I need a break," said the Cleveland house of horrors victim, Michelle Knight.

She was overwhelmed with emotion during her interview on CNN’s New Day on Friday. Sobbing, she broke down on national television. 

Knight was on CNN to talk about a California woman who was found alive earlier this week after allegedly being held against her will for 10 years by her mother's ex-boyfriend.   

Some have raised questions concerning the California woman and whether she may have fabricated parts of her extraordinary story of abuse and survival.  That's when Michelle Knight lashed out.

"You don't know what that dude was doing to her?" said Knight. "You have absolutely no clue what she went through to say things and say that she was lying or she's doing this. You're making her life not able to function or heal properly when you do these things to people. You're making people not want to come out, not want to say anything. You're making people want to sit there and keep it to their self and go through the abuse when you say stupid crap like that. i need a break."

Knight was one of three women imprisoned and held a sex slave for more than a decade inside the home of Ariel Castro.  All three women were freed last May. Knight’s new book, Finding Me, has just been published.  

 Obviously the horror of her captivity is still raw.