Elliot Rodger's Parents Desperately Tried To Avoid Tragedy

When troubling signs appeared in Elliot's behavior, his parents tried to help their son before things turned tragic. INSIDE EDITION reports.

It was a desperate race to stop the so-called 'virgin killer' as his parents sped to the ocean-side college town of Isla Vista, California frantically trying to prevent his plans for mass murder and suicide.

In a chilling video Elliot recorded before the killings, he said, "I will slaughter every single spoiled stuck up blonde slut I see in there."

Twenty-two-year-old Elliot Rodger had just emailed his mother and father his sick 140-page manifesto, which he called "My Twisted World." 

Lichin Rodger called 911 and then her ex-husband, Peter, a Hollywood director who was having dinner with his second wife. They both jumped into their cars and raced to reach their son.

On the ride over, they heard reports about a bloody rampage over the radio and knew their worst fears about their troubled son had become a reality.

The weeks before the tragedy held other missed chances to stop the killer, and glimpses into his deranged mind. In one YouTube video, Elliot said, "I'm so magnificent. I deserve girls much more than all those slobs I see at my college."

Last month, his mother saw some disturbing YouTube rants and told state mental health authorities that she was worried he could become violent.

Deputies visited his apartment for a welfare check. But Sheriff Bill Brown told Face The Nation Elliot convinced the police he was fine. 

Brown said, "We certainly wish we could turn the clock back and maybe change some things. But at the time the deputies interacted with him he was able to convince them that he was okay."

"As soon as I saw those cops," wrote the killer in his chilling manifesto, "I had the striking and devastating fear that someone had somehow discovered what I was planning to do. The police would have searched my room, found all of my guns and weapons, along with my writings."

The police never asked to see Elliot's room.

INSIDE EDITION asked security expert Steve Kardian whether police could have done more. Kardian said, "They see a quiet individual. They see a cooperative individual. They see a meek individual who's answering all their questions. So, based on the information they had, it was the only call that they could have made. We can't violate people's constitutional rights."

Meanwhile, the young man was losing control, focusing his anger at his roommate, sorority girls, and the guys they hang out with. And he was documenting it all in pathetic videos on his camera phone.  

In one video he shot at the beach, he says, "My view has been ruined by this site right here. In front of me, sitting right there on that bench, is a young couple. I presume about my age. I was enjoying such a nice view until they came and sat down and started kissing."

He continued living a life of privilege, driving around town in a BMW and wearing $300 Armani sunglasses.

His father, an assistant director on the first Hunger Games movie, had taken his son to the 2012 premiere.

Elliot Rodger was also being treated by "multiple professionals," and according to  his father's lawyer, "The child was diagnosed at an earlier age [with] highly functional Asperger's Syndrome." [Source: Alan Shifman, Attorney]

In his manifesto the killer said he'd been treated by TV psychiatrist Dr. Charles Sophy, who has appeared on INSIDE EDITION and other shows.

In Elliot's video, he says, "I'm 22 years old and I've never had a girlfriend. I'm still a virgin."

The question remains, could anything have been done to stop a killer in his tracks.

Another chilling moment from Elliot's video came when he said, "You've forced me to suffer all my life, and now I'm going to make you suffer."