Exclusive Video Shows Aftermath Of Shooting In Santa Barbara Deli

Video captures terror of those caught in the middle of madman Elliot Rodger during his shooting spree in Santa Barbara. INSIDE EDITION has more.

In a gripping video, young women duck for cover and comfort each other in the immediate aftermath of the shooting.

Emergency responders do everything they can to save the life of 20-year-old Christopher Martinez who was shot as he entered the popular college deli.

Surveillance video from inside the deli showed the chaotic scene when madman Elliot Rodger opened fire. You could see the bullets shattering the glass refrigerator door, as one student crawled on his stomach to avoid the flying bullets.

Chris Martinez's father, Richard, has received a lot of attention since the shooting, appealing to lawmakers to act. He sat down for an interview with INSIDE EDITION, saying, “Nothing is worse than losing your kid. I hate the fact that we've lived through all these acts of violence and nothing has been done.  It’s has been a total inexcusable, unbelievable act of callow neglect by the leadership of this country."

See Martinez's Emotional Interview with INSIDE EDITION

Six people were killed including three of the killer's roommates. Of the thirteen injured was college water polo player, Nick Pasichuke. He was run down by the killer's BMW as he was skateboarding. 

Nick's sister spoke to Good Morning America, telling them, "Both his legs are broken. His left leg was completely shattered. "

Sheer terror that lasted just seconds, but will forever impact the lives of those inside.