Mother and Son Bond Over Bodybuilding

INSIDE EDITION spoke with an unlikely pair of bodybuilding partners—a mother and son from St. Louis who share a love of pumping iron together.

Lots of bodybuilders have training partners, but how many train with their own mother?

Bodybuilders Daveon and Latasha Hill are mother and son. They train together six days a week. They've even entered bodybuilding competitions together in the mixed pairs category.

Latasha told INSIDE EDITION, “We entered a competition for couples, even though we are mother and son, and we took first place.”

Bodybuilding has really taken over their lives. They get up at about 3:30 a.m. to start training near their St. Louis home. Latasha's two daughters don't get it.

Latasha said, “They think we are insane.”

And it's not just the time in the gym,  Daveon needs to eat more than 5,000 calories-a day-when he is training.

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He said, “I have to make my body grow by eating all these carbs and calories.”

They make multiple trips to the supermarket each week. The food bill is well over a $1,000 a month. She said, "We get three or four bags of the 20 pound chicken breast. We get a case of eggs, 96 eggs come in a case. Four or five boxes of oatmeal, we get six or seven boxes of rice."

If you think it's mom pushing her son, think again. Daveon is the tough task master. She said, 'Stop whining and get it done.' That's how he talks to me, ‘Stop whining mom, and just get it done.’”

All this pumping iron is doing their bodies good, for son and mom.

"When I see the picture of me and Daveon from the competition, I feel proud. Then, I tell myself, 'I look like his sister, I don't look like his mom," she said.