Osama bin Laden Hunter Returns from Pakistan

The man who went to Pakistan to hunt down Osama bin Laden is back home in the U.S. INSIDE EDITION was there for his return to hear what he had to say about his quest.

The Colorado man who set out to kill Osama bin Laden is back and he was jubilant as he faced reporters in Los Angeles.

"I had a great trip," he said.  Gary Faulkner, an unemployed construction worker, had flown to Pakistan with a pistol and a 40-inch sword to hunt bin Laden two weeks ago when authorities detained him.

"Is it disappointing to know that you're not getting to accomplish your mission out there?" INSIDE EDITION asked.

Faulkner replied, "Wait wait wait, who said not accomplishing any mission?"

The 52-year old Rambo-wannabe says he's even thinking about heading back to Pakistan after raising money.  He showed off his last coin, telling INSIDE EDITION he's broke.

Faulkner has a lengthy arrest record but that's not stopping him from wanting to be a hero.

"There's some bad people out there, and not for much longer," Faulkner said.