The Secret World of Pickup Artists

Following Elliot Rodger's massacre at UC Santa Barbara, INSIDE EDITION looks at the secret world of pickup artists where Rodger reportedly found refuge.

Virgin killer Elliot Rodger took refuge in the secret world of pickup artists. In videos posted online, guys actually give tips on how to get women into bed.

Elliot Rodger subscribed to several of the YouTube channels run by pickup artists including one named after the monstrous serial killer Ted Bundy called "Be the Ted Bundy of Pickup: The Killer Instinct That Will Get You Laid 10/10 Times."

Rodger also subscribed to a channel called "The Player Supreme Show," which is run by Chris Arnett.

INSIDE EDITION's Megan Alexander spoke to the so-called dating guru, Arnett, asking, "Do you think your company, in any way, encourages this culture of treating women like objects?"

He said, "Well, I don't teach my guys to treat women as objects, I teach my guys how to have a conversation with a girl. I teach my guys the truth of dating, which is ultimately, women do the choosing."

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The day before the rampage, Arnett saw one of Rodger's pathetic videos, with a response, "Girls are not repulsed by his physical looks, because he has got the physical looks to attract women. It is his inner nature. It is he, himself."

Alexander asked Arnett, "Do you think you played any role in this horrible tragedy?"

Arnett said, "No. This was a very sick individual."

INSIDE EDITION also spoke to Richard La Ruina, who runs one of the most popular websites for pickup artists,

He said, "There are lots of guys out there in a similar position, meaning, they are depressed with their love lives. The thing is, they don't blame women, they blame themselves and this is an extreme case of a guy that blames women for his failings."

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Whatever Rodger learned from this subculture, it didn't stop the hate from consuming him.