Was Anna Nicole Smith Murdered?

The judge who presided over the court battle over Anna Nicole Smith's body thinks foul play was involved in her death, and wants the case to be reopened. INSIDE EDITION has the details.

"I feel as though Anna Nicole is knocking at my door, and wants justice!" Larry Seidlin said.

He's the flamboyant judge who shot to fame in the fight over Anna Nicole Smith's remains.

"I hope to god you guys give the kid the right shot," Seidlin said while on trial, regarding Smith's daughter, Dannielynn.

Now, Judge Larry Seidlin is calling for the investigation into Anna Nicole Smith's death to be reopened.

"I'm saying that I believe there was foul play," Seidlin told INSIDE EDITION's Paul Boyd.

In his new book, The Killing of Anna Nicole Smith, he's harshly critical of Smith's companion, Howard K. Stern.

"He was around her all the time. He controlled a lot of her life and it has to be looked at...he gave the candy to her that led to her death," Seidlin said.

Stern and two of Smith's doctors are scheduled to go to trial August 4th on charges that they illegally funneled sedatives and painkillers to the model. They have pleaded not guilty and are not charged with causing Smith's death.

The judge told INSIDE EDITION, "I feel justice has to be served, and it wasn't served, and it still is not served."

Judge Seidlin also says the Seminole Tribe police that investigated Anna Nicole's death in Florida were in way over their heads.

"I had many sleepless nights about this case. I'm not satisfied.  And we need a top flight police agency to go in there and look at the facts concerning her death."

The Seminole police deny Judge Seidlin's claims and say they did do a comprehensive investigation in conjunction with the state attorney and coroner's office.

"This is not a supermarket tabloid story. Everything I've written is documented and can be proved," Seidlin told INSIDE EDITION.

Howard K. Stern's attorney told us in a statement:

"Seidlin knows nothing about the true relationship between Howard K. Stern and Anna Nicole Smith. Howard loved and cherished her and would do nothing to cause her harm. It appears that Seidlin has become just one more person hoping to profit from Anna Nicole's tragic death."

Seidlin says he hopes this case will prevent future tragedies like the one that  ended the life of one of the world's most beautiful, but troubled, women.

He said, "If you're rich and famous you can get anything you want.  And we have to stop that because we have too much blood on our hands of dead entertainers."