Experts Say Missing Maylasian Flight 370 is Not in South Indian Ocean

Experts have come to the conclusion that missing Malaysian Flight 370 is not in the South Indian Ocean after all. INSIDE EDITION has the story.

After all these weeks of searching the South Indian Ocean for missing Malaysia Airlines Flight 370, experts have reached a startling conclusion: the plane is not there!

Now, renowned explorer Bob Ballard is telling INSIDE EDITION's Diane McInerney what he thinks searchers should be doing, saying, "You can accelerate it again by putting more vehicles in the water. There are lots of vehicles that could be in the hunt right now that are not in the hunt."

McInerney asked, "Why aren't they doing that?"

He said, "I guess it is money. There are plenty of vehicles available."

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Ballard famously discovered wreckage from the Titanic in 1985. The Titanic laid on the ocean floor 12,500 miles below the surface for 73 years before Ballard’s remarkable find.     

McInerney asked, "How did you find the Titanic?"

He replied, "By looking not for the Titanic, but for debris that came off it. That is what they are trying to do with the airline. The worst possible scenario is aircraft is intact because it covers a very small area. The Titanic broke in half, and as it broke in half it acted like two giant salt shakers, so that it launched thousands of objects in the water.

Ballard has offered his expertise to aide in the search, but he says he was turned down, saying, "My ship is headed over there. We won't get there for two years. We have offered to go faster, but they haven't taken us up on it."