The Ledge Reopens at Chicago's Willis Tower

While sightseers were on the famous ledge of Chicago’s Willis Tower, the glass shattered. INSIDE EDITION was there when the ledge reopened and found out if it is safe.

The Glass Box at Chicago's tallest skyscraper is back in business. Tourists are once again enjoying the unbelieveable views at the Willis Tower. 

"The Ledge" gives sightseers the feeling that they are suspended in mid air. It juts four feet out and is a stomach-churning 103 floors above the street. The attraction was shut down after a group of buddies got the fright of their lives. As they posed for a picture, the protective glass coating of the Ledge shattered beneath their feet. 

Officials at the building, once known as the Sears Tower, said there was never anything to fear. 

"Oh yeah! it's very very safe," glass industry expert Mark Meshulam said, "That piece of glass that broke is just a sheet on top to take the scuffing of foot traffic, and to be replaced when it got damaged."

See What Else Meshulam Had To Say

Visitors didn't seem scared at all today. Some even tested the glass by laying flat on the Ledge. Others simply enjoyed the breathtaking view.