Model Lauren Scruggs Finds Love

The beautiful model injured by an airplane propeller has found true love with a reporter who covered her miraculous story. INSIDE EDITION has the details.

The model who walked into an airplane propeller is now engaged after finding love while promoting her book.

Lauren Scruggs lost her left eye and left hand when she strode straight into the propeller after viewing Christmas lights over Dallas three years ago.

This is the 911 call from that night:

Caller: "A girl walked into an airplane prop. I need an ambulence immediately."

911 Operator: "Was it moving when it happened?"

Caller: "Yes, I  think it cut her hand off."

After her remarkable survival, the 26-year-old blonde stunner has now found love. Over the weekend newsman Jason Kennedy asked her to marry him. They met when she appeared on the  E! Network last year. The couple spoke to the Today show Monday.

"I was so moved by her and her story and I thought she was hot, too. So that's always an added benefit," said Kennedy.

Kennedy popped the question by laying out several hundred candles outside Scruggs' Dallas apartment. Scruggs said it took her by surprise. 

"My apartment's full of tulips. There's this little path to the patio. He's outside in the grass. There were just candles spelling out "Will you marry me?", and he was like, 'Will you come down here? I want to ask you a question.'"

Lauren said 'yes'. The happy couple has not yet set a date.