Baptist Minister Doesn't Believe Donald Sterling Is A Racist

The Baptist Minister who invited Donald Sterling to his Sunday service told INSIDE EDITION that he doesn't believe the embattled Clippers owner is a racist.

The pastor who invited Donald Sterling to a service at his predominantly black church is speaking out. Baptist Minister J.B. Hardwick embraced Sterling during the service.  

He told INSIDE EDITION, "I was watching television and had compassion for this man."

Minister Hardwick doesn't believe the disgraced Clippers owner is a racist, saying, “When you are a human being, you are subject to make, in a rage or jealousy or whatever it is, you can make statements that you will regret later."

He says Sterling has not donated money to the church but did offer to help the community, saying, "He said he would like to join me in doing something for the community. I think that is what he said."

Meanwhile, a man suspected of assaulting Sterling’s lady friend is in police custody. Thirty-one-year-old V. Stiviano was punched by two men outside a trendy New York City hotel Sunday as she was getting into this cab. They shouted racial insults. Video shot from a balcony overlooking the street captured the chaotic aftermath.

Video of the incident is being investigated by the New York police Hate Crimes Unit.