Man Who Allegedly Punched V. Stiviano Appears In Court

The man who allegedly punched V. Stivano in New York City was identified and appeared in court with his attorney saying he didn't do anything wrong. INSIDE EDITION explains.

The first images of V. Stiviano's bruised face after she was assaulted Sunday in New York City were obtained exclusively by One picture appeared to show make-up covering up half her face. The other showed a bruised and puffed injury.

Meanwhile, her accused attacker was in court on Wednesday. Forty-year-old year old Dominick Diorio was charged with assault but was released without having to post bail. Earlier, Stiviano could be seen entering a New York police precinct where she identified Diorio in a police line-up.

Video that was taken seconds after the incident in the trendy Meatpacking District showed a bloodied man on the ground, believed to be Diorio, as another man ran from the scene. It's not clear what involvement, if any, the running man had in the case.

Witnesses have told police that Diorio was attacked by others after he allegedly hit Stiviano and yelled racial slurs at her. Diorio's attorney David S. Smith says his client didn't do any anything wrong, saying, "My client vehemently denies each and every allegation she has made against him."