President Obama Secretly Filmed Working Out In Warsaw Hotel

President Obama was secretly filmed working out at a hotel gym while on a trip to Warsaw, Poland. INSIDE EDITION explains.

President Obama was filmed working out on his trip to Poland and video that was shot secretly in the gym at a Warsaw hotel is causing uproar. It's being seen as a serious breach of security.   

The minute-and-a-half video shows the president, with earphones on his ears, carefully choosing weights. He yawned as he was starting his workout in the gym at the five star Marriott Hotel in downtown Warsaw where the president is staying in the $1,500-a-night Presidential Suite. He was wearing a black tracksuit and tee shirt. He went through a series of exercises with dumbbells to strengthen his biceps and abs. It was evident that he found the routine pretty strenuous.

A former personal trainer at the Warsaw Marriott Hotel, Jean Ekwa, posted photos of the president lifting weights on his Facebook page. He told INSIDE EDITION the photos were taken by a friend at the gym.

Ekwa said he is the man lifting weights directly behind president Obama in one of the photos. INSIDE EDITION’s Les Trent spoke with him via Skype and asked, “Were you surprised to see the leader of the free world working out next to you in the gym?”

Ekwa said, “It was really striking that he was so calm and if it wasn't for the Secret Service I wouldn't know it was the president inside. He was so easy going and relaxed."

A Secret Service spokesman played down the video saying the situation "is no different than if the president visited a restaurant and other diners took pictures of him."

The president worked out for about 30 minutes and ended his routine on an elliptical.

Personal trainer Courtney Paul checked out the president's regimen for INSIDE EDITION at the New York Health and Racquet Club, saying, "I know he is a busy man, but he needs to slow it down a bit. Sometimes, slower is better."