Fans and Family Mark First Anniversary of Michael Jackson's Death

As fans gather one year after the death of Michael Jackson to pay their respects, some of Jackson's family members escape the attention. INSIDE EDITION has the details.

INSIDE EDITION's Jim Moret is at Forest Lawn cemetery in Los Angeles where Michael Jackson is buried. Usually the mausoleum is off-limits to the public, but to mark the anniversary of Michael's death, fans are being allowed to walk the half mile uphill to pay their respects.

It was an emotional experience for fans who just wanted to be close to Michael.  Many handed over bouquets of flowers for a makeshift memorial. Some wept openly.

As Jackson's fans were marking this poignant anniversary at his final resting place, Michael's children tried to get away from the attention, on vacation in Hawaii.

13-year-old Prince Michael seen going down a water slide at a resort in Maui, and 8-year-old Blanket frolicked in the water with sister Paris, now 12, a few feet away.

Katherine Jackson talks about Michael's kids in a rare interview for an NBC special airing Friday night, and says they're coming to terms with life without their beloved dad.

Katherine said, "Paris loves the piano and she also wants to be an actress. She can pick out any song she wants to - especially her daddy's songs. Prince has a lot of talent also. He's very talented with the camera and with electronics. He wants to be a cameraman."

She says it's Blanket who seems most likely to follow in Michael's musical footsteps.

"Blanket, he loves to sing and he plays with his toys most of the time. He's very young yet. He can carry a tune very well and he has rhythm," said Katherine.

And in an ABC 20/20 special airing Friday, Michael's make-up artist and costume designers talk about the trauma of having to dress Michael one final time, for his funeral, saying, "I had to help pick him up and place him in the coffin and to me it's like, I have to do this for my friend."

The preparation took nine hours.

They revealed Michael was losing weight rapidly in the days before his death and appeared stressed out about his upcoming comeback tour.

The Today Show took viewers inside Neverland, now a sad and empty place without Michael. They showed where Michael lived, his bedroom, where statues were placed everywhere, even one of a butler with cookies on a tray.

And where's Debbie Rowe, mother of Paris and Prince? We found her in, of all places, Tokyo.

She's promoting a controversial unauthorized documentary about Michael that is angering the Jackson clan. A spokesman for Michael's estate said, "His estate was not consulted on this film, and will not endorse it."