Family Of Slender Man Stabbing Suspect Speaks Out

The family of 12-year-old Morgan Geyser are speaking out about the horrific stabbing their daughter is accused of committing. INSIDE EDITION reports on the latest.

The distraught family of a girl accused in the Slender Man stabbing is speaking out.

"We have been overwhelmed with anguish," say the parents of 12-year-old Morgan Geyser. "We wish to express our deepest sympathies and extend our heartfelt prayers to the victim and her family."

Geyser and her friend, Anissa Weier are accused of stabbing their classmate as a sacrifice to the creepy mythical figure known as Slender Man. The victim was found close to death by a passing bicyclist who called 911 as she struggled for life.

Bicyclist: "Her clothing has got blood on it."

911 operator: "Do you see where the wounds are?"

Bicyclist: "No, I don't know if I should be rolling her over and checking or not."

You can hear the bicyclist trying to comfort the girl as they wait for the ambulance.

Bicyclist: "Somebody's coming. You want shade? Okay. Who did that to you? Or don't you want to talk?"

Geyser's appearance in court is a far cry from a YouTube video shot five years ago, when she dressed as a princess and danced with her father.

Concerned parents everywhere are scrambling to learn more about Slender Man, a fictional ghoul that lives in the woods and preys on little children. It has become an internet phenomenon.

NBC correspondent Kate Snow says she was horrified to learn her own young son knew all about the macabre phenomenon. On the Today show, Snow said, "I had a talk with my own son last night, thinking that he knew nothing about Slender Man. He knew all about it. He's 11."

Morgan Geyser was so obssessed with Slender Man she drew him on a restaurant napkin six weeks ago. Her father, apparently not realizing its full meaning, actually posted it on Instagram with the words: "Only [Morgan] draws Slender Man on a napkin in crayon when we're out for dinner."

Dexter Morgenstern has written a self-published novel about Slender Man. He told INSIDE EDITION, "Slender Man is sort of a popular urban legend. People have created web shows. People have created their own photos, their own stories. They've created a whole universe about the Slender Man."

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