Hillary Clinton 'Walker' Conspiracy Put To Rest

The conspiracy that Hillary Clinton was leaning on a walker in her cover photo has been put to rest by People magazine. INSIDE EDITION has more.

It's the conspiracy theory whirling around Hillary Clinton's People magazine cover. What's that her hands are resting on?

Twitter exploded with the suggestion that it's a walker.

There's been concern about Hillary's health since she was hospitalized after a fall in late 2012. The official diagnosis was a concussion and blood clot. But critics like Republican strategist Karl Rove have had a field day.

Rove said, "We don't know what the doctors said she has to be concerned about. She's hidden a lot."

Now, People magazine is putting the walker conspiracy theory to rest. "It's a chair" the magazine tweeted. And to prove it, they released a full-sized photo from the shoot that reveals it to be a chair, not a walker.

Posing with a chair turns out to be a Hillary trademark. She did the same thing in her first solo People cover from back in 1993.

Now, this conspiracy theory is officially over.