Voice Analysis Reveals True Identity of Hidden Cash Man

INSIDE EDITION played different recordings of Jason Buzi's voice with a recording of a man claiming to be the Hidden Cash man to find out if they're one and the same.

Everyone wants to know, is the mystery millionaire behind the hidden cash phenomenom really this guy, a San Francisco real estate tycoon named Jason Buzi?

INSIDE EDITION's Jim Moret spoke on the phone to the man who tells us he is Mr. Hidden Cash. He  insisted he's not Jason Buzi.

Moret asked, "Are you Jason Buzi?"

"No," answered the man.

But, was he telling the truth? We decided to do our best to find out. We do know for sure what Jason Buzi sounds like. Buzi is on a real estate podcast from 2010, and on a video we found on YouTube.

We also know what Mr. Hidden Cash sounds like from an interview with KCBS/KCAL- TV in Los Angeles, when he refused to give his real name and allowed the camera crew to record an interview showing only his feet. In the interview he said, "I want to do some drops here and get the city excited about finding money and just the idea of giving back."

We took all those samples to voice analyst Kent Gibson from Forensic Audio in Los Angeles. He compared Buzi's voice patterns to those from our telephone interview with Mr. Hidden Cash. The computer analyzed the samples and crunched the numbers. And the verdict?

"In this case it's a match," said Gibson.

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That's right. It's 99 percent certain Jason Buzi is Mr. Hidden Cash. But if Mr. Hidden Cash is really Jason Buzi, why won't he admit it?
Moret asked, "Are you worried about revealing your identity because it will be like telling people there is no Santa Claus?"

"Well, no. Like I said, I don't see the advantage of revealing people's names that are involved," he answered.

So, there you have it. Science has spoken. Mystery solved. The only mystery that remains is where the next cash drop will be.

And he can deny it no longer. After the results of our voice test, and the publicity we've gotten, Mr. Hidden Cash finally came clean, admitting yes, he is Jason Buzi.