Tracy Morgan Fights To Recover From NJ Turnpike Accident

Tracy Morgan remains in critical condition after a car accident that left one man dead. INSIDE EDITION reports on emerging details surrounding the accident.

INSIDE EDITION has the 911 call and video taken just moments after the horrible accident on the New Jersey Turnpike that nearly cost comedian Tracy Morgan his life.

Operator: "911, what's your emergency?"

Caller: " The Jersey Turnpike."

Operator: "What exit or mile marker?"

Caller: "Right past Exit 8. It is a terrible accident. The car is flipped. It's on its side."

Operator: "Okay, the vehicle is turned over? Do you know if anyone's injured?"

Caller: "Yeah, it's two vehicles in a Walmart truck."

Now, reports are surfacing that the truck driver under arrest for causing the accident allegedly tweeted: ”It's my road, move or get hit."

Walmart denies that the Twitter account belongs to 35-year-old Kevin Roper, who was reportedly sleep deprived, apparently awake for 24 hours before getting behind the wheel and slamming into the limo bus carrying Morgan and four members of his entourage. Roper's son went on Twitter to say: "My daddy is sorry for what happened please forgive him."

Morgan, famous for his appearances on Saturday Night Live and 30 Rock, remains in critical condition with a broken leg, nose, and ribs. His friend and writer Jimmy Mack was killed in the accident.

Comedian Harris Stanton was in the limo bus with Morgan. Stanton survived, but his arm was broken. He was too upset to talk as he left his Brooklyn home surrounded by cameras.

Morgan and his friends were riding in a luxurious Mercedes Benz limo bus that is popular with many celebrities.

"It's one of the vans that most celebrities today like to have," said Doug Stinosa, who works for Mercedes Benz of Brooklyn. 

Stinosa showed INSIDE EDITION a limo bus much like the one Morgan and his friends were riding in, explaining, "Lots of leg room and plenty of height. Very comfortable as opposed to a standard limousine."

The New Jersey Turnpike, where the accident happened, is one of the most dangerous highways in America.

They call it the "Black Dragon". The NJ Turnpike is so dangerous, state troopers need at least eighteen months on the job before getting assigned to patrol it.

"The turnpike was built to be long, and wide, and straight, and basically a conveyor belt for speed," explained author Joseph Cullum . "And sometimes that can lead to driver, especially truckers who drive a lot of hours or bus drivers, to become mesmerized. It's almost like hypnotic driving it."

Retired Major Al Della Fave is a twenty-five year veteran of the New Jersey State Police. He said the turnpike is notorious for fast, aggressive drivers, who often ignore the 65-mile-an-hour speed limit.

"The sheer volume of cars, the speeds those folks are obtain, if someone makes a mistake you're looking at a tragedy -- definitely," said Fave.

Kevin Brown, who starred with Morgan on 30 Rock, said, "These guys who were in that bus, they're very loved by the comedy community, very respected by the comedy community."

Watch Brown's Interview with INSIDE EDITION

Just hours before the horrific crash, Morgan performed before a packed audience at a Delaware casino. He posed in the closing moments of his show as the audience cheered him on. Then, Morgan climbed on to his bus for that fateful trip.