California Chrome Owner Apologizes For Being A Sore Loser

Steve Coburn is apologizing for the way he reacted to his horse, California Chrome, losing the Triple Crown at the Belmont Stakes. INSIDE EDITION has more.

California Chrome's owner choked up as he said sorry for that tirade that earned him the title "sore loser."

"I apologize. I sincerely apologize," said Steve Coburn.

Coburn shocked America over the weekend with his bitter comments after his horse failed to win the Triple Crown.

"This is the coward's way out," he said after the Belmont Stakes.

He said the other horses in the Belmont Stakes were at an advantage because they had not run in the two earlier Triple Crown races.

Coburn said, "It's not fair to these horses that have been in the game since day one."

The 61-year-old Coburn snapped at his wife when she tried to rein him in, saying to her, "I don't care!"

On Sunday, Coburn refused to back down when Good Morning America's Dan Harris said, "Do you regret what you had to say after the race?"

Coburn replied, "Not only no, but Hell no. I do not regret it one bit."

Social media exploded with reaction.

"What a crybaby," said one blogger.

Another remarked, "It's disappointing to see such poor sportsmanship."

But on Monday's Good Morning America, Coburn made an extraordinary U-turn, saying,"I need to apologize to a lot of people, including my wife Carolyn."

Coburn is now saying he's ashamed of his behavior, which he put down to the disappointment of losing the Triple Crown.

"This is America's horse. I wanted so much for this horse to win the Triple Crown for the people of America," he said.

Coburn apologized 11 times, saying, "I need to apologize to the world." "I need to apologize to the winners." "I'm gonna do better. I promise you I'll do better."

Robin Roberts asked his wife about that embarassing moment. His wife said, "I hope people can see him the way he is because that wasn't the way he normally is. He's a very compassionate man."