Jared and Amanda Miller Kill Cops and Civilian In Las Vegas Shooting Rampage

Before going on their shooting rampage that killed two police officers and one civilian, Jared and Amanda Miller posted videos online ranting against the U.S. Government. INSIDE EDITION reports.

Creepy home video has surfaced of the madman who went on a rampage with his wife that left two Las Vegas cops dead as they ate lunch at a pizza place. A third victim, a shopper at a nearby Walmart, was also shot dead.

In the video, Jared Miller said, "I wish we didn't have to go through this stuff. I wish the world was perfect and we could just live happily without all this crap."

At a press conference a police officer stated, "There's no doubt that the suspects have some apparent ideology that's along the lines of militia and white supremacists."

Jared Miller had his own YouTube page where he posted rants against the government such as, "Sounds a little like Nazi Germany to me, or maybe Communist Russia."

He and his wife, Amanda, screamed out: "This is the start of the revolution!" as they launched the shooting spree.

David Gletty is a former FBI operative who went undercover investigating hate groups. Gletty told INSIDE EDITION, "In their minds there's a revolution coming. They feel like they're the soldiers of the Revolutionary War."

On Facebook Amanda Miller proudly posed with her AK-47. She also posted pictures of her husband dressed as the Joker from Batman. She was dressed as the comic book character known as Harley Quinn, the Joker's girlfriend.

The troubled couple posted video from a car as the moved from their hometown of Lafayette, Indiana to Las Vegas five months ago.

They reportedly made extra cash on the Vegas strip as street performers.

Jared Miller's last message on Facebook, posted the day before the shooting, had this ominous  message: "The dawn of a new day. May all our coming sacrifices be worth it."

Miller looks unhinged in a video posted last year. He's bidding his wife farewell as he's about to   begin a stint in prison on drug charges. In the video he said, ""I know we can get through this because we love each other so much. I know it feels like it's me and you versus the world, and it kind of is. You know, a bunch of zombies out there. A bunch of 'sheeple'."

But he also posted images of his cats, and then discussed what to do with his hair.