Teen In Affluent Community Arrested In Police Chopper Blinded By Laser Incident

Nineteen-year-old Trevor Ragno was arrested, accused of blinding a police helicopter with a laser. INSIDE EDITION has the story.

The dazzling flash of a laser light blinds a police chopper pilot. The pilot reported, "We're getting lasered again. Stand by."

The quick-thinking pilot flew directly over the source of the flashes, where the night vision cameras captured a row of million dollar homes in a gated community near Orlando. And there he was by the pool. Talk about getting caught with his pants down.

Pilot: "Looks like he was wearing swim trunks."

He took off as the chopper flew low over his home, but there was no place to hide.

Pilot: "Ok. He's lasering us and then running back and forth."

So, who's the knucklehead? Deputies on the ground arrested 19-year-old Trevor Ragno. His father is a respected doctor.

Trevor is a frat boy at Florida State University, and cops say he was showing off at a pool party when he pointed the laser at the chopper.

He drives a fancy Lotus sports car and loves pranks. He posted a video of him frightening a woman with a car horn.

This latest  stunt with a laser could cost him up to five years behind bars, if he is convicted.