Miss USA Moves Into Her Luxury Manhattan Apartment

Miss USA, Nia Sanchez, gave INSIDE EDITION a tour of her luxury New York apartment on the heels of winning the coveted crown.

It's move-in day for the newly crowned Miss USA.

INSIDE EDITION's Megan Alexander was with Miss Nevada, Nia Sanchez, as she settled into her first ever bachelorette pad. She gave Alexander a tour of her Midtown apartment in the heart of New York City.

Sanchez said, "This is my new place! I can't believe it. I feel like the luckiest girl in the world."

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So, what does a beauty queen carry in her suitcase? What else—her crown. She even let Megan Alexander try it on.

Sanchez beat out 50 other contestants to win the coveted crown, including the 'it girl' of the moment, Miss Indiana, and her captivating curves—so very different from the usual skinny beauty queen. The two women clearly represent two very different body types.

Alexander asked, "What do you make of the buzz of Miss Indiana having a healthy, real body?"

"She does have a healthy, real body. I feel like healthy, real bodies are different for every person. I'm very healthy myself. I do martial arts. I do rock climbing, eat healthy. It's different for everyone," said Sanchez.