Gary Coleman's Parents Grieve over Death of Child Actor

Gary Coleman's parents say they are heartbroken they never got to say goodbye to their son, and claim that Shannon Price and Gary's handlers kept them away from him.  INSIDE EDITION has the story.

"I really hurt like hell," Willie Coleman said.
Gary Coleman's parents say they are heartbroken that they never got to say goodbye to their son.

"I feel sad that nobody tried to reach out," Willie told INSIDE EDITION.

Willie and Sue Coleman were sued by Gary who claimed they took a chunk of his fortune.  The case was settled in 1993.

Despite the bad blood, they say Gary desperately wanted to reconcile and frequently mailed them letters.

"In closing he would always say 'Hey you guys, I love you guys, I love you especially mom and I know you guys love me.'"

They say Gary's wife, Shannon Price, and his handlers, kept Gary away from them.

"They wanted what he had and they didn't want us to have any part of it," Willie said.

But Shannon Price's rep told us, "It's really the other way around.  Gary made everyone around him bitter about his family, at the end Shannon and Gary had very little money and they felt it would have been nice if his parents had put aside more money for him when he was sick."

Their home is still filled with pictures of Gary from his glory days on Diff'rent Strokes. They also have some of his cherished toy trains, memories of happier times when they were a united family.

The Coleman's say they regret not trying harder to make amends.  Willie said, "I lay in bed and cry at night I just cry and cry wondering why."