Surveillance Footage Shows Las Vegas Shooters Final Moments

INSIDE EDITION has obtained surveillance footage inside a Walmart which shows the final moments of Las Vegas shooters, Jerad and Amanda Miller.

The chilling surveillance video of the last moments of Jerad and Amanda Miller in a Las Vegas Walmart has just been released.

The troubled couple were laying on the floor with their guns drawn. The video went black before a police radio stated: “Female just shot herself in the head.”   

Cops now say that Jerad was killed by police, not by Amanda, in a murder-suicide pact, as was first believed.

Assistant Clark County Sheriff Kevin McMahill said at a press conference on Wednesday, "We made a determination that she did not shoot him. He did suffer a gunshot wound and we believe the entrance wound was here, which initially would have been consistent with our information that the female had shot the male."

The lunatic husband and wife blew away two Las Vegas cops eating lunch at a pizzeria. Then, shot a civilian who tried to stop them inside the Walmart.

Yesterday, INSIDE EDITION showed you exclusive video of Jerad Miller in full makeup mode as the Joker. In the video he said, “I'll be able to terrorize the entire nation, possibly, the entire globe. A one world order.”

The creepy video was made in 2012, an uncanny imitation of Heath Ledger's Oscar-winning role from 2008's The Dark Knight.

In his video, Jerad ranted about various off the wall conspiracy theories, saying, “I want to be the war monger, not just some terrorist. Not just some everyday terrorist, some domestic terrorist. I want to blow-up whole countries, whole nations. I want to make everyone cement to one world order governance under my rule."

Jerad and his wife had an intense relationship. They videotaped themselves in January as they drove from Indiana to start a new life for themselves in Las Vegas.

Now, the shocking video from inside the Walmart shows their last moments on Earth.