Jennifer Lopez, Pitbull Hit Snags at World Cup Opening

Jennifer Lopez and Pitbull kicked off the World Cup opening ceremonies, and it started with a technical glitch. INSIDE EDITION has the scoop.

There was an unexpected moment for Jennifer Lopez and Pitbull at the World Cup opening ceremony in Brazil when the platform bringing them onto the stage suddenly froze. Pitbull had to jump out and help Lopez onto the stage.

Lopez wore a revealing green body suit, but it's Pitbull's outfit that’s getting most of the attention, and not in a good way. He's being ridiculed for his super-tight white pants with rolled-up legs.

Al Roker on the Today show said, "Not good."

One blogger called the outfit "diaper pants."

Another said it was more like "mom capris."

The World Cup is being held amid fierce protests over the massive amount of money the event is costing a staggering $11 billion. TV hosts from Britain found themselves under siege when their glass booth was pelted with rocks.