Chris Christie Busts A Move On 'The Tonight Show'

New Jersey Governor Chris Christie danced up a storm on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon. INSIDE EDITION has details.

The Governor of New Jersey goes toe to toe with Jimmy Fallon for a skit called "The Evolution Of Dad Dancing."

When Fallon and the first lady did the hilarious "Evolution Of Mom Dancing" back in February, they brought the house down.

Now it's one dad's turn, just in time for Father's Day.

But Fallon couldn't help getting a dig at the notorious George Washington bridge gate scandal that has threatened Christie's expected run for the presidency in 2016.

The governor has lost weight since getting lap band stomach surgery.

"You lost a lot of weight. You look fantastic," said Fallen to Christie.

"I feel great!" Christie replied.

Christie has lost a reported 80 pounds so far.

Dr. Mitchell Roslin performs lap band surgery. He told INSIDE EDITION, "Number one, his neck size is significantly less. The second thing is when you look at the size of his waist, it's significantly different."

When they moved over to the couch, Fallon asked Christie about his chances of beating Hillary Clinton.

"Hypothetically, do you think you could beat her?" asked Fallon.

"Hypothetically? You bet," said Christie.