Cat From Hell Becomes Difficult Task For Jackson Galaxy

The host of My Cat from Hell told INSIDE EDITION what his biggest feline challenge has been to date.

The nightmare cat whose terrified owners called 911 is in therapy.

Lux, the 22-pound Himalayan, went berserk earlier this year when little Jesse pulled his tail. First, Lux attacked the baby. Then, he went after the rest of the family.

Teresa Baker and Lee Palmer were so freaked out that they barricaded themselves in their bedroom.

In a call to 911, the operator asked, “So you guys are inside your bedroom right now?”

Lee replied, “Yeah. When I leave out of the bedroom to let the police in, I’m going to have to fight this cat.”

The operator said, "Yeah, I can hear him. Keep your door shut."

Jackson Galaxy is the host of My Cat from Hell on Animal Planet. He is working with the family to cure Lux's anger issues.

He says Lux was his biggest challenge to date, telling INSIDE EDITION, "Twenty years I have been doing this, I can safely say I have never met a cat like this before. You walk into this situation thinking, 'This couple, maybe they were exaggerating. They were scared for no good reason.' Turns out, they were scared for a good reason. Lux has a dangerous side to him."

Lux is featured on this week's episode of My Cat from Hell. It airs Saturday on Animal Planet at 8 p.m.