Stalker Allegations Against Bowe Bergdahl's Father

Shocking allegations from two women surface against Bowe Bergdahl's father as the POW finally returns to the United States. INSIDE EDITION reports.

As former POW Bowe Bergdahl arrives back in the U.S. we're hearing shocking allegations against his father.

A pair of pretty twins from Hailey, Idaho, accused Robert Bergdahl of "stalking and harassment," according to police reports obtained by the Daily Mail.

Blonde Allie Hillman and her brunette sister, Lacey Hillman, were quoted as telling cops they were "very scared" of Bergdahl.

The twins reportedly told cops in 2011 that Robert Bergdahl left them creepy notes and they once caught him peeping into their windows while one twin was in the shower.  At the time he was driving a UPS truck. Police reportedly warned Bergdahl to stay away from the twins and he was never charged.

Meanwhile, Bowe Bergdahl was whisked away to an Army medical center in San Antonio for more treatment after five years as a Taliban prisoner.

In a statement, Bergdahl's family says they "are overjoyed that their son has returned to the United States."

A letter that Bergdahl wrote to his parents while he was a Taliban prisoner seeks to explain why he left his post.  

"Leadership was lacking, if not non-existent," he wrote. [Source: The Daily Beast]
The letter is loaded with misspellings. He spelled actually as "actuly," and circumstance as "cercomstance."

Bowe was home schooled.