Healing In Santa Barbara Among Parents and Students

The father of a Santa Barbara shooting victim embraced gunman Elliot Rodger’s father, finding common ground against gun violence. INSIDE EDITION has the story.

It was a powerful message of faith and healing in the wake of the so-called “Virgin Killer” rampage that left seven dead in Santa Barbara last month.

Photos that were released on Father's Day show the dad of gunman Elliot Rodger embracing Richard Martinez, the father of one of his victims, Christopher Michaels-Martinez. The two have vowed to work together to fight gun violence.

Meanwhile, a survivor of Rodger’s killing spree got a huge round of applause on graduation day at the Santa Barbara campus of the University of California. Keith Cheung is lucky to be alive after Elliot ran him down in his black BMW as he biked home from his job as a lifeguard.

The 21-year-old suffered serious injuries including skull fractures and liver damage, but miraculously, less than a month later, he walked to the stage to cheers and a standing ovation.