L.A. Mayor Eric Garcetti Includes Swear Word On Live TV

Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti is coming under fire for intentionally swearing in his Stanley Cup victory speech. INSIDE EDITION has the story.

The mayor of Los Angeles stunned hockey fans by dropping one very naughty word at a celebration for the L.A. Kings who just won the Stanley Cup.

It doesn't look like the word just slipped out, it looks like it was in Mayor Eric Garcetti's speech. As he raised a beer, he said, “There are two rules in politics. They say never ever take a picture with a drink in your hand and never ever swear. Well, this is a big [expletive] day.”

He was speaking in front of 19,000 hockey fans, many of them kids, and the celebration was carried live on a local sports channel.

An announcer said, "On behalf of Fox Sports West we would like to apologize for the inappropriate language you heard earlier."

The outburst left some parents outraged.

“Was so disappointed by the mayor's behavior this afternoon,” tweeted one ticked off hockey fan.

Another said, “Expect a higher level of classiness for L.A.’s leader.”

An INSIDE EDITION viewer said, "I just think somebody in a public office is in a higher standard and that is part of the job. They can't say things like that."

Another said, "I think he may have been trying to be cool or funny, but I think he probably should have used a different word."

So far, Mayor Garcetti is not apologizing.

Garcetti told Jimmy Kimmel that his rough language went hand in hand with the tough sport of hockey, saying,  “We didn't win at lawn bowling, we won at hockey. But kids, do not say like your mayor said today.”

He was on the show to collect a bet from the Mayor of New York, Bill de Blasio. The Kings beat the New York Rangers in the Stanley Cup final and de Blasio agreed to sing “I Love L.A.” on TV. He didn't exactly have the voice of an angel, but at least that mayor kept it clean.