Hitching A Ride On A Whale Shark

Jamie Bostwick went swimming with sharks, literally, when he hitched a ride on the fin of a whale shark. INSIDE EDITION has his incredible story.

It is a whale of a tale as one guy was hitched a ride on the world's largest fish, which is a 30-foot long whale shark.
Jamie Bostwick was off the coast of Sarasota, Florida, when he spotted the whale. So, he grabbed the fin and went for a cruise.

Bostwick told INSIDE EDITION’s April Woodard, “It was definitely an adrenaline thing.”

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Woodard asked, “So, where does this rank on your bucket list?”

He replied, “It was the No. 1 thing I wanted to do, to be honest, to be out in the water and see and ride one of those.”

The kids on the boat went for a ride too. They weren't in danger. Whale sharks have no teeth and despite their giant size they prefer eating small fish, not humans.

Riding a whale shark is not illegal, but marine biologists say they could get germs from human contact.