Double Tornado Levels Nebraska Town

INSIDE EDITION spoke with storm chaser Scott Peake, who captured a rare double tornado on camera as it roared through the Midwest.

It was a two-headed monster. Twin tornadoes touched down—an incredibly rare phenomenon even in Twister Alley.

In a video shot by a stormchaser, one of the massive tornadoes actually moves across the road just feet in front of stunned drivers.

See the Incredible Video Shot by Peake

Scott Peake shot the incredible video. Peake told INSIDE EDITION, "I've never seen that before in my life. The rumble from it, you could feel it in your chest."

In one chilling video, another stormchaser realizes that the town of Pilger, Nebraska, is right in the path of the twin monsters, and there's nothing he can do but watch, and record it for history.

The giant twister pressed relentlessly onwards, leaving destruction and flying debris in its wake. The image shows the enormous scale of the tornadoes.

Tragically, two people were killed when Pilger was hit. The town was all but wiped out by this freak of nature.