Model Faces Ex-Husband In Court For Attempted Murder

Model Monica Olsen confronted her estranged husband in court, who was convicted of trying to hire a hitman to kill her. INSIDE EDITION has the story.

There was drama in court as a beautiful model confronted her millionaire ex-husband who plotted to have her assassinated.

Thirty-two-year-old Monica Olsen posed for lingerie photos during her successful career as a model. But in court in Los Angeles on Wednesday, the tears flowed.

She said, "Mr. Guglielmelli has sought to destroy me psychologically, emotionally, financially, and physically. He wished to take away my life. He could have made our daughters into orphans. It is unfortunate, that I certainly cannot call him a decent man. He has a dark side that can be well hidden, even to experts."

Fifty-three-year-old tycoon Dino Guglielmelli pled no contest to attempted murder. Prosecutors say he was secretly recorded offering a friend $80,000 to kill Monica.

In the recording, the friend said, “You want her dead...100%?”
Guglielmelli: “Why wouldn't I?”
Friend: “You're never going to hear from her again... You just have to figure out how to pay me.”
Guglielmelli: “Oh, I’ll pay you.”

The atmosphere inside the court was electric as Monica Olsen, dressed all in black and stood just a few feet from her ex-husband and told the court in vivid detail about living in fear of him.   

She said, "I was with a potentially very dangerous and conniving individual that would go to no extent to win and at any cost to me."

Guglielmelli said nothing during the 15 minute hearing. He once owned a cosmetics business worth $48 million. The couple led a lavish lifestyle in a sprawling mansion, but when their romance soured, they became locked in a bitter divorce and custody battle.

She said she forgives him, but never wants to see him again.

Olsen said in court, “I forgive him. That is the only way I can heal my heart.”
Guglielmelli was sentenced to nine years in prison. If he was found guilty at trial he could have been imprisoned for life.