Was Dr. Oz Ambushed In Senate Committee Hearing?

When Dr. Oz testified before a Senate committee hearing, it appeared that the tables were turned, putting him on the defensive. INSIDE EDITION has the latest.

Was Dr. Oz ambushed?

The beloved TV doctor found himself in the hot seat as he testified before a U.S. Senate committee about dubious weight loss products.

Senator Claire McCaskill asked Dr. Oz several questions, such as, "Why would you say something is a miracle in a bottle?" and "I don't get why you need to say this stuff because you know it's not true? Why would you cheapen your show by saying things like that?"

Now, a source close to Dr. Oz is quoted as saying, "We were invited down to Washington to testify at a hearing about scams and instead it became how much we hate your show." [Source: New York Daily News]

Dr. Oz  insists he's the victim and weight-loss companies often use his name in misleading ads that imply he's endorsing the product.

Dr. Oz. Sat down with INSIDE EDITION last year to show us what he's up against, saying, "It strips at the very core of who I am, to see these ads going out and to see unsuspecting viewers taken advantage of."

The problem? He's never endorsed the products.

Dr. Oz pointed out one ad to INSIDE EDITION and said, "This is illegal to use this video of me. This picture's illegal. That name is illegal."

It's not just an issue for Dr. Oz. On Wednesday, Good Morning America co-host Robin Roberts said she's frustrated when hucksters use her name to promote weight loss products.

Roberts said, "People will send a tweet saying, 'Hey Robin, thank you for sharing your weight loss with us.' They are able to somehow do this and it's just aggravating."

Dr. Oz wouldn't say he thought he had been ambushed on Capitol Hill. In a statement to INSIDE EDITION he said: "I am accountable for my role in the proliferation of these scams and I recognize that my enthusiastic language has made the problem worse at times."