Latest Red Carpet Trend: Slits Up To The Pelvis

Showing some skin on the red carpet is nothing new, but the latest trend takes it one step further with slits cut all the way up to the pelvis. INSIDE EDITION looks at the new trend.

It's the new look sweeping the red carpet—slits that go up—all the way up to the pelvis, revealing more skin than ever.  

The fashion trend even has a name: "Pelvage," short for pelvic cleavage.  

Brittney Levine, style and trend expert told INSIDE EDITION, "This trend is a very hard trend to pull off. If you're not comfortable with your body and putting it out there, I do not recommend wearing this trend."

Watch Levine's Interview with INSIDE EDITION

Kim Kardashian's little sister, Kendal wore the trend at this week's Much Music Awards.

"Why do one slit when you can do two!?" she told her fans.

And Paris Hilton was showing lots of leg and hip in a flowy pink gown.

Supermodel Naomi Campbell worked the runway in the daring look.

INSIDE EDITION producer Lara Yunaska tried on the provocative fashion trend at the Gansevoort Hotel in New York City with a grey cut out skirt by Franziska Fox.

Yunaska remarked, "I feel so exposed. I don't feel like I can walk anywhere. I certainly can't sit down.  And just in general, I would actually feel more comfortable wearing a bathing suit than wearing this skirt."

So, if you're brave enough to show 'pelvage' take heed: you'll need double-sided tape if you want to avoid a wardrobe malfunction.