Does Michael Jackson's Son Have Vitiligo?

INSIDE EDITION takes a close look at recent photos of Michael Jackson's son, Prince Michael Jackson, and asks a medical expert if he may have inherited vitiligo, the pigment-altering skin disease that Michael battled.

Michael Jackson's children Prince Michael and Paris frolic in a pool in Hawaii. But take a closer look to see there's a snow-white patch under Prince Michael's arm.

Is it a sign the 13-year-old may have inherited the skin disease that haunted his father, with pale lesions across his face and body.

New York dermatologist Brian Bonanni studied several photographs of Prince Michael for INSIDE EDITION and said, "It's pretty clear that this is probably vitiligo," said Bonanni.

Bonanni continued, "These splotchy white patches and flat lesions do look like vitiligo."

LaToya Jackson revealed Prince Michael may have vitiligo last year, but there was no visual evidence until today.

Vitiligo can be hereditary. If Prince Michael has the disease, it may mean Michael Jackson really is his biological father, despite speculation the child's mother, Debbie Rowe, was impregnated by a sperm donor.

"Approximately 10% of patients inherit vitiligo from their parents. Just from that statistic you can't say that this is definitely Michael Jackson's child," said Dr. Bonanni.

If it is vitiligo, the doctor says the white patches are likely to spread to other parts of Prince Michael's face and body.

"To go through life with vitiligo is not easy for any child," said Bonanni.