Blogger Mom Lacey Spears, Accused Of Killing Son With Salt Overdose

INSIDE EDITION is learning more about blogger mom Lacey Spears and before she was accused of killing her son.

Today, we're learning more about the mommy blogger whose accused of killing her little boy with an overdose of salt.

Lacey Spears' blog "Garnett's Journey" painted a blissful picture of life with her son, but it was apparently filled with lies.

She claimed Garnett's dad was a police officer named Blake who was killed in a car accident.

"We have together survived a complete year without Blake, my soulmate and Garnett's daddy," she wrote on her blog.

But Blake never existed. Garnett's father is reportedly Chris Hill, a 29-year-old garage door installer who lives in Alabama.

INSIDE EDITION's Diane McInerney spoke with Dr. Marc Feldman, a leading expert on Munchausen by proxy, the disturbing phenomenon prosecutors say led Lacey Spears to harm her own child.

Dr. Feldman said, "She was using social media to perpetuate a big illusion. She reached out in a way that a lot of Munchausen by proxy perpetrators do to get sympathy and care and concern that they felt unable to get in any other way. And she certainly got it."

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On her blog, Spears detailed her son's many medical woes, all apparently designed to build up interest in her blog and gather sympathy from her followers who anxiously read every new posting.

But doctors were already suspicious as far back as 2011. She was investigated by child welfare authorities in Florida, but never charged.

Prosecutors now believe she was feeding Garnett lethal doses of salt through a feeding tube in his stomach. A picture was taken in Garnett's hospital room a few days before he died, before, prosecutors say, his mom administered a final deadly dose of salt.

McInerney asked Dr. Feldman, "Was this a classic case, or did she not mean to kill her child?"

"Generally, the mother does not seek to kill the child. To kill the child is to remove the object, and these children are objects to them that they've been using to manipulate doctors and others. But sometimes they go too far."

A strickingly similar case of Munchausen by proxy was depicted on an episode of E.R. The doctors catch a mom who had been poisoning her child through a feeding tube in his stomach.

Dr. Feldman said, "I've been studying this phenomenon for 25 years and it still takes my breath away. I think it's desperately sad."

On her blog, Lacey Spears actually claimed that her son's father was a cop who had been killed in a car accident. Police say that was completely made up.

Meantime, Spears has plead not guilty and denies she did anything to harm her son.