New Queen Of Spain Rivals Duchess Kate's Beauty

Spain's new queen, Letizia is capturing the attention of the world for her beauty and grace. Could Duchess Kate have some competition for the most beautiful royal? INSIDE EDITION has more.

She's the glamorous new queen who's giving Great Britain's Kate some serious competition. 

People magazine writer Catherine Kast told INSIDE EDITION, "Everyone has always loved Duchess Kate and her style. But there is a new royal for all of us to watch out for. It's Queen Letizia and she's equally glamorous and stylish."

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Spain's Queen Letizia shared a kiss with her husband, King Felipe as thousands cheered at Madrid's royal palace on Thursday.

Letizia is being compared to Kate because they're both beautiful commoners without royal blood, and both have the same flair for fashion, often wearing similar outfits.

"They even have a similar hairstyle, the same color hair, and they both look completely polished and royal," said Kast.

Letizia is 41 and has two adorable daughters who joined their parents on the palace balcony. 

The new queen used to be a working girl as TV news anchor Letizia Ortiz on the air in Spain. She married King Felipe 10 years ago after divorcing her first husband.

The world's newest queen has a hint of naughtiness in her past. A topless portrait was painted by an artist who says he fell in love with Letizia before she met the future king.

We asked INSIDE EDITION viewers on our website, who is more beautiful; Queen Letizia or Princess Kate? Kate won hands down with 86 percent to 16 percent.

May they both live happily ever after.