Kate Gosselin Makes TV Return

INSIDE EDITION spoke to Kate Gosselin about her new two-part TLC special as the sextuplets turn 10 years old.

Kate Gosselin's back and she's got her hands full.

INSIDE EDITION has got your first look as Kate Plus Eight returns to TV for a two part special called, Kate Plus Eight: The Sextuplets Turn Ten.

But keeping the kids in line is as challenging as ever.

She told INSIDE EDITION, "The kids have huge opinions and loud voices. They want to do things when they want to do it."

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Kate and her ex, Jon, divorced five years ago. Their relationship is as chilly as ever. She said, "He lives his life and I live mine."

In fact, Jon is trashing Kate’s new special, saying he doesn't want his kids on TV anymore.

"They don't need the added pressure of being in the public eye," he was quoted as saying.

There was a cringe worthy Today show appearance back in February when the 13-year-old twins Mady and Cara gave their mom the silent treatment.

But Kate insists the kids love being on TV, saying, “I asked the kids and it was an undeniable, 'Yes.' How would I force them? I can't even get them to do their chores sometimes.”

And we just had to ask if there's a new man in Kate's life. She said, "That's still a boring subject but it's a question that comes up in every interview and it's still boring."

So, might there be even more TV specials in Kate’s future? She said, "I don't know. I'd have to ask the kids."