Man Walks Away from Triple Flip Accident

INSIDE EDITION speaks to the motorcyclist who miraculously walked away from an accident that flipped him through the air three times.

It was the caught-on-tape crash that has everyone asking "how did he survive?"

A motorcyclist was hit head-on by a car. He flipped once in the air, and then landed on his feet. He then did a cartwheel and walked away!

INSIDE EDITION caught up with 22-year-old motorcyclist Mike Smith via Skype from his home in Clearwater, Florida.

Watch our interview and footage of the accident.

"You had to know that you were going to hit the car?" INSIDE EDITION's April Woodard asked.

"He came out and the minute I saw him coming out, I hit the back break, front break, at the same exact time and I just jumped off," explained Smith.

Smith said he took gymnastics as a kid and that is what saved his life.

"It comes naturally to me," said Smith. "I jumped off and did a front flip. I just hit my feet and just rolled and got up."

"And then you just got up?" asked Woodard.

"Oh I just couldn't believe it," said Smith. "I can't believe it's on tape, man. I did it."