Millionaire Leaves Fortune To His Dogs

A millionaire plans to leave his fortune to the dogs, literally. INSIDE EDITION has the story of the man and his very rich dogs.

It's a royal life for these Cavalier King Charles Spaniels.  

The dogs have a private entrance to their home, complete with their own address, doggie doors in every room, and a personal staff attending to their every doggie need!
The pampered pooches are owned by Dallas multi-millionaire Ron Sturgeon.

See our interview with the millionaire.

Cameras have been following the spoiled pups for an upcoming reality show called Goin' to the Dogs.

Sturgeon is so enamored with his dogs, that he said he plans to leave his $75 million fortune not to his two sons, but to his three dogs.

INSIDE EDITION talked with Sturgeon, and his girlfriend, Linda.

"I've taken care of everyone else, really. Why not leave it to the dogs?" said Sturgeon.