Hot Mugshot Goes Viral

It's the mugshot that has lit up social media for his model good looks. INSIDE EDITION reports on the man behind the mug.

This isn't a male model's headshot, it's his mugshot, and it's firing up people around the world.

Thirty-year-old Jeremy Meeks was busted on weapons and gang charges earlier this week. Stockton, California, police then routinely posted his mugshot on the department's Facebook page. They were not prepared for what happened next.

Thousands of women started sharing the image on social media. Just like that, it's gone viral.

"Wow! Look at those cheekbones" goes one comment.

"OMG he is hot," reads another comment.

Meeks may be one good looking dude, but police call him "one of the most violent criminals in the Stockton area." He's already served nine years in prison for grand theft.

Online people are having fun with Meeks' mugshot. They're using Photoshop to place him in magazine ads, like one that says, "Steals your heart, and your DVD player."

Beautiful mugshots are an internet sensation, but they usually involve women. 

One defendant managed to look amazing despite being busted for underage drinking. The charges were later dropped. 

A mom looked smoldering in a 2009 mugshot for drug possession. The charges were later dropped.

And a would-be beauty queen was charged with shoplifting a T-shirt. The charges were dismissed after she paid a fine.

Now, Meeks joins the club in the male division.

Meeks denies any wrongdoing and says he has turned his life around.