Two News Helicopter Pilots Who Covered OJ Chase Become Transgender Women

They were risk-taking rival news chopper pilots covering the infamous OJ Simpson chase and the LA riots. Now, they've both transitioned to women. INSIDE EDITION has the story.

You won't believe what these two gal pals have in common. They both used to be men, and they were fierce rivals, battling for supremacy over the skies of Los Angeles as gutsy news chopper pilots.

Zoey Tur used to be know as Chopper Bob Tur. He captured some of the most iconic images of our times, such as the horrific beating of Reginald Denny during the 1992 Los Angeles riots. He was also first in the air flying over the infamous O.J. Simpson Bronco chase in 1994.

Flying over the Bronco at the same time was rival pilot Dirk Vahle. The once stocky, bearded pilot now calls herself Dana.

According to Desiree Horton, who knows them both, they didn't use to be best buds.

Horton told INSIDE EDITION, "They both had a dislike for each other."

See our interview with Desiree Horton.

Horton convinced Dana and Zoey to put their rivalry aside as they transitioned to becoming women. Horton said, "I just thought that would be a really amazing thing if they can get in contact with each other, that they would be able to lean on each other."

When Zoe was still known as Bob Tur, he told INSIDE EDITION why he had had a desperate need to transition into the opposite sex. 

"I would rather die than live another year as a male," Tur told INSIDE EDITION.

Who would have thought that the two pilots who brought us those remarkable images 20 years ago would end up having such parallel lives.

"No one would have ever predicted that, so I think it's pretty amazing," said Horton.