Great White Shark Lunges at Fishing Boat

Fisherman got a real-life scare when a Great White Shark went after their bait bag, and it was all caught on camera. INSIDE EDITION has the story.  

You've seen it at the movies, but now it's the real thing. A great white shark shows its teeth as it looms up out of the depths and lunges at a fishing boat.

"It's gonna take our chum bag!" said one man on the boat.

It was like the famous scene in the blockbuster movie Jaws. The attack happened off the coast of Cape May in New Jersey. The shark ripped apart the bait bag. INSIDE EDITION spoke with John Cinque, the man who shot the amazing video, via Skype.

"It's like a submarine surfacing right underneath you" said Cinque.

Watch Cinque's Interview with INSIDE EDITION

Cinque said the shark was at least 15 feet long. He said the shark circled the boat for 20 minutes, waiting for the right moment to strike.

"Did that freak you out a little bit, the fact that this shark is circling your boat?" asked INSIDE EDITION's Les Trent.

"I started getting a little nervous because of what you see on TV and how they can surge so quickly," said Cinque.

And there's another monster shark that came way too close for comfort. Video shows scientists attaching a tracking device to the fin of a shark so they can research shark movement. They've even given the great white a name: Katherine.

The scientists, from a group called OCEARCH, are tracking Katherine's movements online. Last August, she was in Cape Cod, Massachusetts, where the device was attached. But now, she is off the coast of Florida, in the Gulf of Mexico.
It's only the first week of summer, and we are already shark obsessed!