Great White Shark Hovers Under Paddle Boarders

Incredible video captured two paddle boarders unaware that they crossed right over a great white shark. INSIDE EDITION has the scoop.

A great white shark was hovering in the ocean as two clueless paddle boarders passed directly over the monster shark. They had no idea what was under the water just a few feet below them.  

Incredible video of the incident was shot by a drone camera operated by photographer Bo Bridges.

Bridges told INSIDE EDITION's Jim Moret, "He doesn't even see it, he goes right over the top of it. You would think that the shark would just swim off very quickly. He didn't even move."

The close encounter with a great white shark happened over the weekend while he was flying the drone camera off Manhattan Beach, California.

Moret asked, "Are you looking down going, 'Oh my God! There is a shark!'"

Bridges said, "Yeah. I spotted it first and moved in on it, but they were just riding the waves."

Now get this, it's the second close encounter with a shark he's had lately. Bridges was paddle boarding in the same spot when he came across another great white shark, which looked like it was just a baby. His drone camera recorded the shark swimming near the surface while they were circling around on their paddle boards. That shark was small, this new shark was classic and scary, straight out of Jaws.

Moret asked, "Are you a bit skittish to go out there."

He said, "Yeah, I am thinking about it more but I am still going out there almost daily."