85-Year-Old Betty Goedhart Becomes the World's Oldest Trapeze Artist

She started the art at 78.

This 85-year-old doesn't need a safety net for her dreams. 

Betty Goedhart, of California, began taking trapeze classes at 78 years old and hasn't stopped yet!

"I love to do things that are kind of ... extraordinary and have really enjoyed doing things that nobody else wants to do," Goedhart said. She was 84 when the official record was set.

The trapeze artist said that when she was young, her dad took her to the circus and she was in awe of the women who flew through the air.

For her 78th birthday, she was given a voucher to take a local class.

"[‘I] thought that looked a bit scary, but I could hardly wait to get up there," she said.

She said there’s not much of a secret as to how she’s able to do it. She just enjoys it.

"I’m hoping that I encourage people, women to not think that when they hit the age of 55, that they’re old," Goedhart said. "We got a lot more on our journey. Isn’t it fun to do the impossible?"

Goedhart appears in Guinness World Records' 2019 edition.