Couple Rows Across The Atlantic Ocean

INSIDE EDITION caught up with the couple who rowed a boat across the Atlantic Ocean for the adventure of a lifetime.      

What a date! Imagine your boyfriend inviting you to go rowing with him - across the Atlantic Ocean!

Riaan Manser and his girlfriend Vasti Geldenhuys journeyed 6700 miles, from Morocco in North Africa to the Bahamas, and then Miami, before arriving in New York City. It was a six-month adventure.

The journey started with a simple conversation. 

"Well, I wanted to go to New York," said Geldenhuys.

"Did you think it would be together in a rowboat?" asked INSIDE EDITION's Megan Alexander.

"Never," replied Geldenhuys.

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Geldenhuys and Manser are from South Africa. They took off on December 30, 2013.

When Geldenhuys agreed to make the journey, she never in a million years thought they would be taking a four-foot by 20 foot rowboat all the way from North Africa to New York City.

They equipped the boat with multiple cameras and captured breathtaking sunsets and rainbows, and, of course, the ever present danger, like a fast moving squall.

Eating was a pleasure. Tuna doesn't get fresher than this.

There were scary days, too.

"There were huge waves coming over the boat," said Geldenhuys. "We were just lying in the cabin hoping that the boat will stay afloat."

"It's like bombs going off around you," said Manser.

They ran out of water. Fortunately, a passing cargo ship helped them out. But getting the fresh supply on board was hazardous, and the accommodations were a little cramped, to say the least.

Geldenhuys and Manser got along great. Arguments were rare, but when they fought it was a doozy.

"Is it true this took a toll on your relationship?" asked  Alexander. "You didn't speak for a few days."

"Two and a half days was our record," said Manser. "But it has probably made our relationship stronger than all other relationships combined in New York City."

So, how many strokes did it take to row across the Atlantic? 1.8 million for each of them. That's 3.6 million in total!

As for their next feat, may we suggest a walk down the aisle?

"Is marriage next?" asked Alexander.

"I don't know," said Geldenhuys. "Is it?"