Drone Rage Grows Across The Country

The issue of drones and privacy is making headlines again after a woman says she was recorded in a state of undress by a drone flying by her 26th floor apartment. INSIDE EDITION reports.

Are people getting fed up with drones?

A fired-up crowd actually attacked a drone hovering above the Los Angeles Kings Stanley Cup celebration a week ago, cheering as it was knocked out of the sky.

And remember the teenager who was flying a drone at a Connecticut beach? He says he was attacked by a woman who thought he was spying on her while she was sunbathing.

Now, a Seattle woman is the latest to say she's outraged by drones. She photographed a drone  hovering right outside her high-rise apartment window.

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Lisa Pleiss says she was getting dressed when she was shocked to see the drone outside her 26th floor window.

Pleiss told INSIDE EDITION's Les Trent, "There's no buildings anywhere nearby, so you feel pretty comfortable walking about, sometimes inappropriate, frankly. So, I looked up and I saw this drone hovering."

Trent said, "So, you were standing there partially clothed, you look at your window and you see a drone!"

"To be really honest, my initial instinct was not that they were there to Peeping Tom me necessarily, but it was, 'Oh my gosh, there's this thing, and oh my gosh it has cameras on it and I am indecent," said Pleiss.

It turns out the drone is owned by a professional photographer who shoots Seattle skyline pictures and was hired to shoot video for a real estate developer. He says he never meant to violate Pleiss' privacy and has apologized to her.

Pleiss said, "I really appreciate him reaching out and disclosing what they were here for. But certainly at the moment I did not know who it was and I was concerned."

Now, get this, it turns out that Lisa Pleiss works for Amazon, which hopes to make deliveries with drones someday, unless the growing rage over drones stops it.